Elaine Lawton

Virtual Assistant and Stress Management Solutions

My name is Elaine

and I am here to help.  I provide virtual assistant service, person development and am also a maker using yarn, fibre, fabric and other substances.

I believe that modern life needs more colour

and I also believe that creativity can really help with managing stress, relaxing and becoming more confident.  I have learned a lot along the way and have more to learn to, so please join me on my journey

Here are some of the things I love

and the key areas of my blog

Love of Colour

I adore colour whether it be in nature, fabric, textiles or the world around me

Love of Creativity

I adore making things, particularly crafts, and I drop spindle spin, crochet, dress make, enjoy adult colouring and lots more

Love of Life

I do love life and enjoy experiencing the world around me and observing the comings and goings,  I might even occasionally get a bit philosophical!

Love of Learning

I have a thirst for knowledge whether it be formal studies (like with the Open University) or learning the skills for building my website or new crafts

Love of Nurturing

I take pleasure out of being as mindful as I can be and both encouraging others and finding the best ways to look after myself

Recently on the Blog

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2018

I have a long history of a love of books.  I am most likely as short sighted as I am due to reading by the landing light as a young child after it was time to go to sleep.  However, in the more recent past I have got out of the habit of regular reading and I also...

Early February Gratitudes

Despite the rather chilly weather still in place in February (particularly this year!) I have found plenty to be grateful about. I am grateful for the picture window at work.  I have learned so much about our local bird life since working here 🙂 I am grateful for my...

Looking for Colour In Nature In Winter

On grey and gloomy days, cheering colour is hard to find in the Winter months.  The early months of the year can be the harshest ones of Winter, and many people do find their mood drops during this time of low light. I found a day which lacked colour.  The colours...

Encouragement for Grown-ups Learning New Creative Skills

As adults, we often find ourselves afraid to try out new things for fear of failure.  Quite often, we have been labelled as ‘poor at art’ or ‘not creative’ as a child.  However, we are constantly learning new skills but are often still afraid to try out something new....

Reasons to be cheerful …. post 1

Ian Dury's 'Reasons to be cheerful - part 3' (which you can find here) never fails to make me smile.  And for me, thinking about reasons to be cheerful is a really good form of expressing gratitude.  So here are my recent reasons to be cheerful - let me know yours!...

Apple Day

Such a lovely Autumnal Event At this time of the year, apples are celebrated up and down the country and Shropshire is still home to many old orchards and new ones are developing.  Most years we attend our local Apple Day down at the Greenwood Trust in Ironbridge.  It...

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