Elaine Lawton

Virtual Assistant and Stress Management Solutions

Hello, pleased to meet you.  I am Elaine and I’m here to share my adventures with you and to encourage you to have your own too!

I am a multi-crafter, secretary, student, mother, wife, cat mummy, drinker of tea and eater of chocolate.

I set up this blog to share my experiences of learning, making and observing life with a plan to provide you with encouragement and maybe even entertainment

This is where I share some of my handy skills

otherwise known as an excuse to ponder!


As a child I wasn’t particularly creative in a practical sense though it came to me more as I got older.  I started dress making, then cross stitch.  Years later I decided I wanted to learn to crochet and taught myself, and then went on to learn spindle spinning, re-ignite my love of dress making, embrace English Paper Piece pathwork and develop a thirst for learning other crafts too!  I’ve also really started to get into adult colouring in for relaxation

Thinking outside the box

I’m not sure if I have ever thought inside the box!  I do have a vivid imagination which was developed initially through my childhood love of reading.  My journey through life has taught me the benefits of flexible thinking, and about thinking in non-convential ways.  Life is never dull!

A very capable administrator

As I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up when the time came to go on to further education, I studied a secretarial course.  Though word processors were still in their infancy when I was at college, I have spent a large proportion of time learning how to use them and have recently added a bit of website design onto my list of skills.  I can share these skills on with you as well


I am that person who people generally feel really comfortable talking to, and people often share their fears and difficulties with me, and talk to me about things they often don’t generally share.  I am also extremely encouraging when helping people to learn new skills and always do my best to have something nice to say.

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