On grey and gloomy days, cheering colour is hard to find in the Winter months.  The early months of the year can be the harshest ones of Winter, and many people do find their mood drops during this time of low light.

I found a day which lacked colour.  The colours around me were either monochrome black and white or the subdued colours of camoflage.  Spotting any brighter colours is quite challenging.

However, on the drive to and from Bridgnorth I am fortunate enough to have passed fields surrounded by hedgerows.  The whippy new growth from the hawthorn have some wonderful colour – shades of red and purple.  These colours really cheer me, and also show the promise of new growth for the coming Spring.  

It is also worth looking out for bird life too.  The gorgeous red of the breast of a Robin and the fluffy blue and yellow feathers found on a Blue Tit as examples.  

Winter is not always dull though; there have been days with astonishing pearlescent skies and days with bright blue skies and golden sunlight which are quite breathtaking.  And at the moment the catkins are starting to come out on the hazel trees.  Take a look at them closely and you will also see a tiny red flower on the twig the catkin hangs from.  

For me, being mindful of these small pleasures helps make the weight of Winter feel so much lighter.  

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