Ian Dury’s ‘Reasons to be cheerful – part 3’ (which you can find here) never fails to make me smile.  And for me, thinking about reasons to be cheerful is a really good form of expressing gratitude.  So here are my recent reasons to be cheerful – let me know yours!

Fluffy Blankets


Oh, one of my many favourite things.  I do rather like a good fluffy blanket.  As we live in a terraced house, it can sometimes still be a bit drafty, and I am reluctant to put the fire on when the heating is already on.  In comes the fluffy blanket, which stops the drafts from chilling my legs and feet.  I am quite a fan of Primark’s lovely fluffy blankets and my current favourite is a lovely teal coloured one with the outside having the texture of velvet and the inside just being incredibly soft and fluffy.  Another plus point is that it is easy to wash and quick to dry.  All plus points!

Sunshine and Showers


The changeable weather at this time of the year brings me joy, mostly because the chance of rainbows really increases.  I adore rainbows, so find myself looking around in excitement when the weather is sunshine and showers in case I can spot one.  I do think everyone loves a rainbow

Central Heating


Putting on clothes that have been warmed up on the radiator and coming in from the cold and feeling that the house is already nice and warm is rather fantastic.  I have previously lived in places without central heating which is why this is definitely one of my reasons to be cheerful!

The Opportunity to Nap


This cat most definitely has the right idea!  My bed is lovely and cosy and comfortable and one of my favourite places.  When I’m not at work, I rather like taking the chance to have an afternoon nap.  This is quite a luxury, really, and something I am particularly fond of in the winter months.

Cutting Into Crisp Fabric


I love making my own clothes and my main fabric of choice is cotton.  I really do love the sound made by the scissors when cutting into a nice, crisp, cotton fabric.  It’s quite a crunchy sound and very satisfying.

What are your reasons to be cheerful?

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